Hillary Clinton on Sunday at a press conference in Rabat, Morrocco (ABDELHAK SENNA/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

The column in Pravda — formerly a commie house organ and now apparently in a similar mode for that party — was headlined “Despicable is Hillary Clinton.”

“She started out four years ago as a charming secretary of state,” it began, “the smile on the snout to wipe out the snarl of her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice.”

Then: “But now, she appears on camera butch, a trucker-type probably complete with tattoos, insolent, inconsequential and incompent. We now understand Bill.”

The screed slides, with increasing incoherence, downhill from there, rehashing her 2008 campaign embellishment of her landing in Bosnia “under fire,” and then smacking her for blowing a “very easy” shot at the presidency. “Did she pull it off? No she didn’t.”

Russia and China only “exercised their right to block NATO’s evil desire to make another Libya out of Syria,” the column says. That would be bad? At least the Libyan government, as opposed to Russian ally Syria, is not engaged in a full-scale bombardment of women and children, last time we checked.

But Clinton’s not the only one who’s “despicable.” We quickly get to the ”Gulf Royals, unelected, but in power,” and not a word of protest from the administration even though the regimes “have carried out the most draconian measures against their citizens.” (As opposed to a full-scale bombardment of women and children, see above.)

The ravings pivot further to “despicable is the United States of America” and “torture flights,” Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Lynndie England and “arm[ing] terrorists overseas, as was the case in Libya and as is the case in Syria.” (Full-scale bombardment of women and children, see above.)

“Despicable then. . . is Hillary R. Clinton and the hellhole that she represents,” the column concludes, noting that Russia and China were not ”involved” in any of those “human rights violations” he mentioned.

Of course there was Hungary, Poland, Chechnya, Tibet, Tiananmen Square . . . but we digress.

Team Clinton was furious with the column, we hear. In truth, “despicable” was a most undiplomatic term. Probably better to say “reprehensible.”

What happened to U.S.-Russia “re-set” button? Oh yeah, ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul has it — but the Russians are barely acknowledging his presence.