You know you want one: the coveted Loop T-shirt. (Marlon Correa)

Will it be a much-buzzed about pick like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio? What about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie? If you’re feeling daring, you could select less of a conventional-wisdom prospect, like former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.

You can submit your pick as a comment on the blog — you may want to double-check that there’s an active e-mail address associated with your log-in.

You can also e-mail us at (Please make sure you include a home or cell phone so we can contact you.)

The top 10 winners will receive a coveted In the Loop T-shirt and the usual bragging rights when we announce winners. (If you need to enter “on background,” that’s fine.)

Don’t miss your chance! Ties will be broken by date of entry.