Congress’s approval ratings are in the tank. The outlook on the economy is dismal. And the country seems divided on nearly everything. But, surprise, guess what everybody loves? Turkey!

The Loop's favorite headline from The Washington Post this morning has an Onion-esque ring: “Poll: Thanksgiving enjoys strong approval.”

According to this blockbuster survey, “almost all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, have favorable views of Thanksgiving dinner, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.”

Whew. Nice to know we can all agree on something. But below the headline is this: “Poll: Congress remains unpopular.”

As an image-rehab strategy, perhaps Congress should think about serving stuffing in the Capitol cafeterias?

Elsewhere, our eagle-eared colleague Glenn Kessler spotted 15 “dubious” assertions in Tuesday night’s Republican primary debate and explains them in his Fact Checker.

And, prevaricating aside, our colleague Nia Malika-Henderson suggests that debates have simply “jumped the shark” altogether.

But let’s get back to the holiday: Here’ a neat way to visit with the friendly ghosts of Thanksgivings past in Washington.