Then-Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan holds up U.S. Senate candidate Arlen Specter's hand at a fundrasier for Specter in Philadelphia on Aug. 19, 1980. (Walter Zeboski/AP)

Remembering Snarlin’ Arlen — Former Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), who died Sunday, is being remembered as a tough-minded fighter who was “willing to tell party leadership to take a hike.” Plus a great photo gallery of some of his finest moments.

Veep sketchSNL’s take on the vice presidential debate.

Power pop — J. Lo is an unlikely weapon in an ideological war between Western-leaning Azerbaijan and Iran. The pop star performed in Azerbaijan, where she wowed fans and was “infuriating the turbaned ayatollahs who live just across the water.”

Obama’s high-school debates — A pre-debate must-read from David Maraniss on President Obama’s debating style.