But one of the folks cheering for him to break out the razor has special knowledge about ditching one’s longtime facial hair for a new look. Rep. Phil Gingrey sported a strip of lustrous lip hair for about as long as Axelrod has — some 40 years — before ditching the lip-tickler back in 2007 (check out the photographic evidence here). We asked the Georgia Republican if he had any advice for Axelrod, should he have to bare it all.

Gingrey’s communications director, Jen Talaber, made it clear her boss is rooting for Axelrod to have a date with his Mach 5. “The congressman is hopeful David Axelrod will have to make good on his promise,” she said. She also offered a helpful suggestion for dealing with the equivalent of a farmer’s tan of the upper lip. “My personal advice for Axelrod is, if his upper lip hasn’t seen the light of day in 40 years, he better invest in some self-tanner,” she added.