Former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich. (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

We thought McCotter, a Loop favorite, could carry Michigan -- he voted for the auto industry bailout that Michigan native Mitt Romney famously opposed..

It’s been a long, strange slide for him since then.

The five-term congressman’s brief and “hard-to-explain” bid went nowhere, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Then in May it was revealed McCotter had submitted more than 1,000 phony petitions for his re-election bid, and he pulled out of the race in June. In July, he abruptly resigned from Congress, issuing a mildly incoherent statement.

Four former campaign staffers were indicted last week for election fraud but McCotter wasn’t charged — the prosecutor said McCotter was only “asleep at the switch.”

Oh well. At least he was able to go with a congressional delegation on that swell trip to Taiwan and South Korea in three months ago. Outgoing Rep. Jean Schmidt (R- Ohio) who lost her primary in March, was also part of the delegation.

The taxpayers sure get a bang for the buck on these foreign jaunts.