The insider-trading investigation into Rep. Spencer Bachus is nothing new.

“How the Credit Mobilier Bought Its Way Through Congress,” one headline of the day read, Hilzenrath reports.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

And our colleague Jay Matthews tells us that GOP hopefuls former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former senator Rick Santorum are tied in one important campaign metric: Height. Both men are 6-foot-2, making them tied for tallest Republican candidate — not insignificant, Matthews says, since the tallest candidate has won 11 of the last 15 elections.

But that’s bad news for President Obama, who at a reported 6-foot-one, is an inch shorter than Santorum and Romney.

It’s budget day in Washington — that day, practically considered a high holy day in budget-geek world, when the White House publishes its spending proposals for the government. This year, there’s an app for that.

And we learned a few things from our colleague Robert Barnes’s column Monday about the Supreme Court’s turn in the media spotlight. Justice Sonia Sotomayor last week made a guest appearance on “Sesame Street,” in which she “settled a dispute between Goldilocks and Baby Bear.” Also, Justice Samuel Alito once uttered this statement while exploring whether Congress could ban televising “repugnant” behavior that might be legal in other countries — like human sacrifice: “People here would love to see it. Live, pay per view, you know, on the Human Sacrifice Channel.”