Texas Gov. Rick Perry says farewell to the trail....for now. (Allison Joyce/GETTY IMAGES)

Just as we were mourning the loss of a colorful character, our colleague Dan Balz reports that the Texas governor, who bowed out of the GOP nomination race yesterday, might resurface in 2016.

In Balz’s dissection of where Perry went wrong, he slips in this enticing detail: Perry’s spokesman hinted that if the GOP didn’t win the White House this time around, Perry could be back.

That’s a long time to wait for another “oops” moment, but it might be worth it.

And we were shocked, shocked by the kind of buck-stops-here sentiment expressed by the GOP chair of the county from which those pesky forms went missing during the Iowa caucus. The problem resulted in Mitt Romney being declared the winner at the time--but now it turns out, Rick Santorum had more votes.

The county chairwoman said, in a story by our colleagues David Farenthold and Debbi Wilgoren, that she doesn’t know how the mix-up happened, but took the blame and refused to point fingers at a volunteer. She said if she passed the blame, “I’ll never get another precinct chair to volunteer.”

How refreshing.

And April 15 is a long ways away, but if you’re looking for tax-filing tips, you might want to peruse this copy of Newt Gingrich’s tax return. Although we’re pretty sure Romney’s will be a better model for those looking to reduce their tax burden, as the former Massachusetts governor is estimated to have paid 15 percent, while Gingrich ponied up about 32 percent.