The “youth vote” is among the many categories of voters that are deemed critical for both presidential candidates this fall. And both campaigns are making a concerted effort not only to get the younger generation’s votes but to get them excited about the candidates.

President Obama, who worked up an almost cult-like devotion on some campuses in 2008 , is going to be hard-pressed to come anything close to repeating that passionate support.

Former governor Mitt Romney is working the campuses hard to boost the fervor of the ground troops he hopes to enlist there.

Romney was at Otterbein University on Friday, which calls itself “a private, independent, coed, four-year liberal arts institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church,” in Westerville, Ohio — just outside Columbus, where he was trying to rev up the crowd to vote and work for him in that battleground state.

Looks like he’s got his work cut out for him.