(Evan Vucci/AP)

Political campaign fundraising letters are often sent to the wrong people — especially toward the end of a campaign, as the push for cash becomes critical and the mailing lists become less reliable.

Take a recent Romney solicitation letter that laid out strong reasons for people to open their wallets and help him out.

“It’s going to take more than rhetoric and empty promises to put Americans back to work,” the letter, signed by “Mitt,” began, noting that “President Obama’s policies created a deeper recession and delayed the recovery.”

“America desperately needs strong leadership,” the Romney letter said, and “cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama’s fiscally irresponsible policies.” What’s more, “Liberals should be ashamed that they and their policies have failed these good and decent Americans!”

Good, strong stuff. Alas, it was sent to Tom Kahn, who, since 1997, has been Democratic staff director of the House Budget Committee.

He’s probably not disposed to contributing — or feeling any shame.