Mitt Romney is embarking on an international trip. (Jose Luis Villegas/AP)

Pack and go — Our colleague Dan Balz gives GOP candidate Mitt Romney this bon voyage message (OK, so he’s not going to France, but still ...) as he departs for a trip abroad where foreign policy will be the order of the day.

Put their stamp on it — We knew many Members of Congress were a little geeky. Here’s more proof: Many of them collect stamps. Included in a new exhibit of congressional stamp collections is a note from former president George W. Bush to Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) that reads, “Stamp Dude, All My Best.”

Ridin’ the rails — Senate-siders and commuters, take note: There’s a plan to overhaul Union Station with a fancy makeover, and our colleagues Jonathan O’Connell and Ashley Halsey III have the plans.