(Courtesy Political Wire )

The operation had been working in high gear in recent weeks as it looked very much like former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney could well become president of the United States.

But, of course, it was not to be. So the transition, housed on a couple floors in a federal office building, has been told to close things down. There were about 150 people working there.

It was “fully up and running,” a person with knowledge of the transition said, with desks, telephones computers and such. (The equipment and operating funds were set up by a 2010 federal law to ensure a smooth transition of power.)

The General Services Administration “has been exceptionally good to work with: very professional, cordial, responsive and helpful every single day we’ve been there,” transition spokesman Mark DeMoss told us. “I have not heard a single complaint.”

In fact, the Romney team even had their Web site all ready to go and — whoops! — someone put it up online and, before they could take it down, Political Wire got a screen grab.

The Web site is for “The office of the President Elect” and has a snappy picture of Romney plus a couple of quotes about how he’s “excited about our prospects as a nation” and how “The 21st century can and must be an American century.”

It notes that the inauguration is on Jan. 21.