Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, second from right, in Boston in 2006. (JOHN WILCOX/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Dig it — Our colleague Jerry Markon digs into the details of Mitt Romney’s management, as Massachusetts governor, of the massive Boston construction project dubbed “The Big Dig”.

VP hyperventilation — Seems Veep fever is creeping through Washington. Lots of buzz about who Mitt Romney might pick — but our colleagues at the Fix have this to say about the significance of picking a number-two: meh.

Follow the money — Why does Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) have such a big bulls-eye on his back? Big enough to attract “tens of millions” in outside, anonymous money to run ads against him? One might think it’s because he’s a liberal with a voting record big business doesn’t like... but in our colleague Paul Kane’s piece on his race, Brown posits another theory: “they’re coming after everybody who has a D after their name.”