No teleprompter required. (Scott Eells/Bloomberg)

He revealed its existence back in October, after a Florida town hall meeting during which the former Massachusetts governor had apparently not stumbled, insulted the audience or alienated a U.S. ally. A woman congratulated him on doing so well without the use of a teleprompter, to which he replied, according to our colleague Phil Rucker: “You didn’t see the teleprompter? It’s in my watch, actually. I just look down.”

We get that Romney was joking, but remember that phantom bulge in former President George W. Bush’s jacket during his debate with challenger Sen. John Kerry back in 2004 that fueled conspiracy theories?

So if you see him checking the time tomorrow night ...

Also worth noting — in addition to Romney’s confident assessment of his own public-speaking prowess — is that the headline of the story in which the quote appears is “Republicans mock Obama’s teleprompter use.”

But that was waaay back when the GOP line was that Obama couldn’t string a cogent sentence together without the magical screen.

How times have changed.