A 1984 photo of Bain Capital co-founders in the Boston Globe in 2007.

It’s all about the Jacksons — Our colleague Phil Rucker looks at the optics and story behind that no-infamous photo of a young Mitt Romney and his Bain Capital partners, posing cockily with money stuffed in their shirt collars, pockets and mouths.

But don’t get any funny ideas, says one of the cash-flashers: “As one of Romney’s partners said, only half-joking, the money they were holding up in the 1984 photo was all they had.”

Poor things.

Location, location, location --- Wanna buy a rusty old heating plant? It’s got fuel tanks to clear--but, hey, it’s in Georgetown! The GSA’s got it for sale, but lawmakers are complaining the agency’s not doing enough to try to move the property. Maybe some staging is needed? Some realtor tricks like cut flowers in a vase or the scent of cookies baking?

Shark, jumped— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid invokes Nationals phenom Bryce Harper when he told a reporter, “that’s a clown question, bro.”

Teddy wins!— Another POTUS-themed restaurant. Abe Lincoln is celebrated at Lincoln, the downtown restaurant that President Obama recently visited. The team behind the eatery plans to do the same for Teddy Roosevelt, with Teddy & the Bully Bar. Small plates, probably no big game.