Mitt Romney has a few superfans. (Steven Senne/AP)

They’re Real! — Like a Sir David Attenborough of electoral anthropology, our colleague David Fahrenthold has discovered a species heretofore not thought to be found in nature: the truly obsessed supporters of Mitt Romney. A small but enthusiastic band does, indeed, express a “powerful — and unusual — excitement for a candidate who struggles to excite anybody else,” he reports.

Abramoff’s Man — And the scandal involving fallen super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff has spawned yet another book: Neil Volz, a top aide to former Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), and later an employee of Abramoff’s, has written a self-published book telling his side of the multi-faceted saga, our colleagues at the Reliable Source report. Volz, who cooperated with prosecutors and got probation for his role, admits to hubris and says he’s in touch with Ney, but not Abramoff, per probation restrictions.

Chiefly Speaking — The “principles,” as they’re called in Washington—the member of Congress, the Cabinet Secretary, the President—usually get all the attention, and the chief of staff is just the guy or gal whispering in his ear. Chiefs of staff get their due in a Discovery Channel special called “The Gatekeepers.”

‘South Park’ politics — The GOP candidates get the “South Park” treatment, our colleague Felicia Sonmez reports. We blame Canada.