The royal couple picked the name George Alexander Louis for their new baby. It’s distinguished, for sure, and quite British (see various King Georges and George Harrison).

But few in official Washington, share the moniker. Some political trivia: Of course, we’ve had a good run of presidents named George (George Washington, and then those two George Bushes). But it’s still not the most popular presidential name: that would be James (six of ‘em), followed by John and William at four each.

But George isn’t so common among the current political set.

There are only two Georges serving in Congress — both in the House: Reps. George Milller (D-Calif.) and George Holding (R-N.C.). Not a one in the Senate.

Not a George to be found in the Cabinet, either.

Though if, as expected, the royal baby name sets off a global trend, we can expect a Congress full of Congressmen Georges starting in about... 2070 (since the average age of the House is 57).