Interior Secretary Ken Salazar might have thought he was done with snakes in the grass once he got out of electoral politics (he’s a former senator). But apparently not. We loved this photo of the secretary demonstrating his snake-handling skills that accompanied today’s story by our colleague Darryl Fears about the problem of invasive snakes in Florida (is it just a coincidence, we wonder, that the Sunshine State is also overrun at the moment with presidential candidates?)

In other not-my-day job news, Mitt Romney is apparently countering President Obama’s crooning of an Al Green tune by breaking into song himself. Our colleague Phil Rucker brings us this clip of the former Massachusetts governor doing a rendidtion of “America the Beautiful.”

Elsewhere, we’re always complaining that Hollywood never seems to get Washington right (there’s no “Georgetown metro,” duh) but now it seems the city’s making it even harder on our left-coast friends. Steve Hendrix reports that a that filmmakers can’t get access to that iconic Capitol dome shot that we’ve come to know and love in movies about our fair town.

And speaking of fictional versions of Washington, Lisa De Moraes has the scoop on the new show on the USA Network, “Political Animals,” which centers on a former First Family in which the matriarch was once first lady and now is Secretary of State. Hmmm.....