Karen Santorum with her husband, Rick, might have a crush on Glenn Beck. (Al Goldis/AP)

The interview began, our colleague Sandhya Somashekhar reports, with “Rick Santorum saying that his wife loves the talk-show host – ‘loves you more than me sometimes,’ he joked” to Beck.

In that same interview, Santorum confessed that, as a senator, he sometimes succumbed to the corrupting wiles of Washington--but only every now and then, so it shouldn’t count.

“I feel very good about the fact that I didn’t get sucked in very often,” he said, trying to explain (again) why he voted for the “No Child Left Behind” bill even though he didn’t actually, you know, support it., according to our colleagues Philip Rucker and Somashekhar.

Is that like smoking but not inhaling?

You’ve got (potentially lethal) mail! At least five letters containing a suspicious substance have been sent to the district offices of members of Congress. And more could be on the way to lawmakers and the media, officials are warning, according to our colleague Ed O’Keefe.

And, in a town where everyone knows them, senators don’t have to carry business cards--or at least one former senator didn’t. Chris Dodd, who now heads the Motion Picture Association of America, says he’s getting used to carrying them now that he’s in the private sector.

He’s reminding himself to hand them out at the Academy Awards, for which our colleagues at the Reliable Source report he is among those who voted on the awardees.

“I never had one in my life before,” he said. “I have to remind myself to hand them out.”