Republican presidential candidate former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum speaks in front of the Supreme Court. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

Santorum meltdown begins — If selecting Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential nominee is all over but the shouting (and clearly it is), then Rick Santorum will gladly provide the soundtrack. His dropping of an expletive at a reporter is a sign he’s “losing his cool,” reports our colleague Sandhya Somashekhar.

Protest stew — The scene outside the Supreme Court on Monday was a mashup of just about every flavor of activist: “liberals against conservatives; tea partyers against Occupiers; atheists against evangelicals; Rick Santorum against President Obama; women’s rights advocates against abortion opponents,” reports our colleague Eli Saslow.

Parents’ journey — Stepping squarely into what has become a loud public debate, House Democrats will host the parents of Treyvon Martin, the Florida teenager shot and killed last week by a man on “neighborhood watch.”

History lesson — What a difference a few years make: as the Supreme Court debates the health care law, this backgrounder on the Republican origins of the individual mandate is interesting reading.

Quote of the day — “Any good conservative who hasn’t had a flare-up with the New York Times isn’t worth their salt.” —Rick Santorum, casting his temper tantrum as a conservative badge of honor.