Former Sen. Rick Santorum: not so Minnesota nice. (Whitney Curtis/GETTY IMAGES)

We noticed this zinger from the Pennsylvania Republican following his triple-threat victories last night in Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri, according to our colleagues Philip Rucker, Nia-Malika Henderson and Debbi Wilgoren.

“It’s not that Governor Romney didn’t want to be Senator Romney. He tried to be Senator Romney ... but he lost, and he lost badly,” Santorum said of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Oh, snap!

Elsewhere, we were shocked, shocked to learn that there are chimps in Congress. Actually, that’s Hill-speak shorthand for “changes in mandatory spending,” per our colleague Lori Montgomery.

And former GOP presidential wannabe Donald Trump might have temporarily given up his dream of taking up residence in the White House, but now we hear that the swirly-haired mogul will at least have a permanent presence a few blocks away. Our colleague Jonathan O’Connell reports the details of The Donald’s plan to turn the Old Post Office building on Pennsylvania Avenue — conveniently located midway between the White House and the Capitol — into a luxury hotel.

Stay classy, Washington.