Smell that? Must be Georgetown University. (Jeffrey MacMillan/JEFFREY MACMILLAN)

There’s nothing new about a politicians saying derisive things about Washington. Back home, they routinely bash “inside-the-Beltway” thinking, or accuse opponents of catching a case of the dreaded “Potomac fever.”

But former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer seems to be taking Washington-bashing to new heights. In an interview with Roll Call, the Democrat — who may or may not be running for a Senate seat — took an unusually harsh line, concluding that our fair city is a humid cesspool filled with frauds, traffic snarls and yellow journalists.

Georgetown, home to high-end boutiques, lovely architecture and verdant gardens? It “sucks,” he said. And also, it smells.

Asked why he recently visited Washington, Schweitzer replied that he was checking out the environs, trying to decide whether he wanted to work here. The answer sounds like a resounding “no.”

“I concluded it was really bad to live there — traffic is bad, weather is worse,” he told Roll Call. “Most of the people you talk to are frauds. You know.”

When reporter Kyle Trygstad inquired where Schweitzer was calling from, the would-be senator said he was in Georgetown. When Trygstad asked if he meant our Georgetown, Schweitzer sounded offended.

“Georgetown, D.C.? God, that place sucks,” he said. “Georgetown Lake. … Come on, I don’t want that smell on me.”

Maybe he hates cupcakes?