(Gabe Dickens/AP)

A Plattsburgh, N.Y. woman tells the Press-Republican that a 6-week-old kitten somehow got wedged behind a bumper of her Jeep as she drove about 100 miles over upstate New York roads.

Stacey Pulsifer, in a story headlined “Kitten calamity averted,” said she recently drove from her home in Plattsburgh to Elizabethtown in the Adirondacks, then back to her apartment. Along the way she stopped for coffee and heard meowing but couldn’t locate the cat and continued home.

She said she and two friends finally found the little black kitten, whose front paw was broken in three places and whose tiny face was stuck just inches above the ground. Pulsifer said she had adopted the kitten, who will eventually need surgery to amputate the paw, and named her Pumpkin.

Even the late Romney family dog, Seamus, who took that historic, roof-top ride to Canada, likely fared better than poor Pumpkin.