Groups like Dogs Against Romney think the Seamus story should give voters pause. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Two views of the damning anecdote: “Political strategists in both parties say this is the rare anecdote that could break through the political chatter and permeate the popular culture,” Rucker reports. And another from the Romney camp: “For crying out loud, with 8.3 percent unemployment, if the dog defeats you, you deserve to be defeated.”

One thing’s for sure, it would make a first dog in a potential Romney White House a lightning rod, unlike the nothing-but-positives that other first canines have been — from Buddy to Barney to Bo (and what is it about dog names starting with “B”?).

Affairs of State: It’s almost like being there — we’ve got wall-to-wall coverage of last night’s White House dinner with the U.S.’s BFF nation, Britain. From who wore whom to who sat where, it’s all here.

Blago-a-go-go: You can’t keep a good crook down. Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich began his 14-year corruption sentence yesterday in typical fashion — before he went to the big house, the limelight-loving Blago took to the mikes, then “signed autographs and chatted with supporters.”

The man from everywhere: Here’s a good investment for any politician considering running for national office — enlisting a genealogist, like Vice President Biden did, to trace your family tree, makes for plenty of good stump speeches. Our colleague Jason Horowitz reports that Biden, “the Obama administration’s traveling everyman, seems to have roots all over the place.”