Sen. Mo Cowan (right) might leave Washington a farm expert. (Boston Globe/BOSTON GLOBE VIA GETTY IMAGES)

Sen. Mo Cowan might only be a senator for six months. But the Massachusetts Democrat appointed to fill the remainder of the term vacated when John Kerry was sworn in as Secretary of State won’t just be a seat-warmer — he’ll be plenty busy.

Cowan was appointed on Tuesday to three committees: agriculture, commerce and small business.

Wait... agriculture? We’re not aware that there are a whole lot of farms in the greater Boston area (though we hear the ivy crops are really thriving), but perhaps he’ll delve more into the other areas of that committee’s jurisdiction, like nutrition, school lunches and the like.

Another committee-related trickle down effect of Kerry’s departure: Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) snagged a spot on the powerful tax-writing Finance panel vacated by the Massachusetts Democrat.