Senate Democrats will walk in Washington Nationals star pitcher Stephen Strasburg’s shoes. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

We hear that the Senate Dems’ retreat next week — a regular event typically held in dull conference rooms in less-than-hotels in cities like Baltimore or Williamsburg — will instead likely take place at Nationals Park.

Batter up!

Between sessions on legislative strategy and the like, senators might get a chance to stroll the facilities and check out the digs that hometown favorites, such as pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg and third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, call home. Nats Park is available for rent on non-game days, according to the team’s Web site, and visiting groups can even spring for extras like a visit by Screech, the Nationals mascot and on-field batting practice.

The livelier setting seems to be stirring more enthusiasm than these events typically get — even spouses, we hear, are clamoring to come.

Still, Senate Democrats are likely hoping their strategy session yields them better results than the lowly Nats, who haven’t managed to finish a season above .500.