Aquariums are good for what ails America, the Senate says. (Vadim Ghirda/AP)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Senate would like you to go to the zoo. Or, you know, the aquarium, if you’re more into that sort of thing.

The Senate adopted a resolution this week, introduced by a no less esteemed personage than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, honoring the nation’s zoos and aquariums.

In the recent fashion, the measure acknowledges such animal showcases for their job-creating power (more than 142,000 jobs nationwide, in case you wondered) and their educational value.

After waxing on about the wonders of zoos and aquariums, the resolution suggests to all Americans that they see these spectacles for themselves. “The Senate...recommends that people in the United States visit their accredited zoo and aquarium and take advantage of the educational opportunities that such zoos and aquariums offer,” it says.

People might want to consider, as an alternative, visiting the Senate itself, which certainly offers similar opportunities to observe strange creatures in their native habitat. It’s certainly an educational experience.

We just don’t recommend you come at feeding time: when dinnertime rolls around, you’ll typically find the chamber empty--much of the wildlife is off grazing at fundraisers.