E=mc(squared). Sex sells. These are universal truths.

The latter might explain why former representative Anthony Weiner’s Twitpic imbroglio is topping the Loop’s poll to determine what the worst political scandal of 2011 was. According to votes so far, it’s followed by former GOP candidate Herman Cain being accused of sexual harassment and a longterm extramarital affair.

It seems we’re still more scandalized by sex (well, there wasn’t actually any sex in Weinergate, but there were ostensibly sexy pics) than we are by wonkier policy scandals.

But still, in our poll, the two policy-type scandals in the mix are nipping at the Weiner and Cain controversies’ sexy heels: L’Affair de Solyndra and the Fast and Furious brouhaha are currently third and fourth, respectively.

We’re going to close the voting at midnight Dec. 20 and announce the winner (loser?) the next day. So if you disagree with the results so far — or think that policy should trump sex — please have your say.