The Seychelles boast lovely beaches — and lots of facts to justify an official trip. (Anthony Grote/Associated Press)

Incidentally, the lovely archipelago in the Indian Ocean, also boasts white-sand beaches and warm climes — but of course, such factors are purely incidental (wink, wink).

Elsewhere, is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a Scrooge? Our colleague Ann Gerhart reports that not only did the Nevada Democrat not participate in the heart-warming Secret Santa exchange among senators yesterday, he bah-humbugged at a meeting, “Thank God Secret Santa is over.”

In news of the weird, we learn today that GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich’s favorite dinosaur is a triceratops. This begs two questions: first, who has a favorite dinosaur? And second, what does this choice say about Gingrich — what insight can we glean from this, and how would it be different if he favored, say, the T-Rex?

And we loved this headline, which riffed on Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” catchphrase: “Trump fires himself as debate moderator”