Sen. Olympia Snowe, beer lover. (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

The Maine Republican revealed an entirely new side this week, when she took to the Senate floor to sing the praises of suds. Meet Olympia Snowe, beer booster.

But don’t look for her to chug some of Milwaukee’s finest, or to profess her affection for the taste of the Rockies — she’s into Maine brews, natch. Snowe took time to praise Portland’s Bull Jagger Brewing Co., a micro-brewery that Snowe called a small-business success.

“This small firm’s attention to detail and initial success demonstrates the remarkable quality of their product,” she raved.

A spokesman tells us she hasn’t sampled the goods herself. “I’m sure she would look forward to tasting a sample sometime and hearing more about the continued success of this great Maine company,” he said. 

During her Senate floor tribute, Snowe displayed an impressive knowledge of beermaking, praising Bull Jagger for filling a need in Maine’s brew market. “While larger breweries all produce lagers, most micro-breweries shy away from lagers because of the increased length of brewing time in comparison to ales,” she said.

Bottoms up, senator.