Older folks often live in the past. Thirty-somethings tend to live in the present. Teenagers live in the future. The State Department, it seems, prefers not being bound by the continuum of time.

A Black Hawk helicopter flies over a base in Colombia. (LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

On the other hand, the 2 p.m. Monday news release said she only “participated in the delivery,” so she probably wasn’t at the controls.

Then, four hours later, we got a second release that lifted our spirits. The first release “was issued prematurely,” it said. “The event described ... is scheduled for December 8 and the fact sheet will be reissued at that time,” we were told, though it’s unclear why there’s a need to reissue. Hard to imagine the facts would change.

Goes to show: It can be confusing living too far in the future.