(Evan Vucci — Associated Press)

Now we come to find out — who knew? — that all those perfect “man on the street” (MOS) quotes in campaign ads are actually fed to sincere and earnest American “voters” — or actors.

So, for example, the storyboard, put together by GOP ad wizard Fred Davis for a proposed ad campaign, has an announcer say it took
200 years to build up the national debt that was built every year under the Obama administration.

Then we cut to an “ECU” or “extreme close-up” of an older man who says: “The debt that took two centuries to build he did in 365 DAYS?” (proper emphasis included).

And to drive the point home, an older woman then says: “That’s HIS debt. He can’t blame anyone else for that.” (Certainly not his predecessor, old what’s- his- name.)

Then the announcer shifts to bash Obama’s “bowing, begging, kneeling and apologizing for America.”

Davis proposes a “senior citizen veteran MOS,” wearing a military hat who will then say: “that’s not what I fought for.”

Man, that is sooo much easier.