Captain America might be proud of some super PAC monikers. (Marvel Comics via AP/MARVEL COMICS VIA AP)

Super PAC monikers run the gamut, from downright bizarre to stirringly sentimental.

There’s “Your America, Inc.,” not to be confused with “My America, Inc.” And dig the delicious contradiction between “Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” and “Americans For A Better Tomorrow Today.”

Irony alert: there’s even a “Ending Spending Fund,” which apparently hopes to end spending.

Some of our favorites are the aggressively patriotic ones. In an effort to out Mom-and-apple pie one another, the funds seem to be taking on ever more dramatic monikers, like “A Promise to Our Children,” “America for Americans,” the “Faith Family Freedom Fund,” (and the similarly alliterative “Family Faith Future Fund”), “No Mercy Super PAC,” and the “Now or Never PAC.”

And then there are the simply puzzling names, such as “Americans For More Rhombus” (a geometry-lover, perhaps?), “Why Not ZoidPAC?”, and “Justdrinkthekoolaid.”

One reason for the oddities is that all it takes to open a PAC of one’s very own is a letter to the Federal Elections Commission announcing the formation of your PAC. Super!