What’s the Loop reading this morning?

President Obama golfs on vacation. Where’s the hiking? (Steven Senne/AP)

Vacations Under the Microscope — Pity presidents, whose every choice gets analyzed and invested with meaning. As our colleague Juliet Elperin dissects President Obama’s record on wilderness preservation, she notes that “although he has spoken movingly of a family visit to Yellowstone at age 11, he spends more of his free time golfing or on the beach than hiking or horseback riding through national parks.”

Well played, golfing lobby, well played.

Scandalgate — Let’s place a moratorium on the suffix “-gate” to denote a scandal. Our colleague Monica Hesse examines the lack of creativity in naming Washington peccadillos.

An Excellent Year — The gang at the Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents dinner came up with the perfect gift that fits under the $10 limit that lawmakers must abide by. At their annual fete, the Reliable Source reports, they presented House Speaker John Boehner with a lovely bottle of red ... Mad Dog 20/20, the malt liquor.