The supercommittee might put a damper on those holiday marathons at the mall. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Our colleagues Neil Irwin and Ylan Q. Mui report that the antics going on in Congress might create enough consumer angst to muck with the most American of all holiday traditions, the annual shopping melee.

Elsewhere, our friends at the Reliable Source asked a real-life spy expert to do a reality check on the new Showtime series “Homeland,” which follows the capers of the CIA. The verdict? The show ranges from “A forehead slapper” to “credible.”

The buy-local ethos is spreading to Iraq, Walter Pincus reports; and our colleague Dana Milbank thinks that no matter how many gaffes the other candidates in the GOP presidential field make, Newt Gingrich is simply too moderate (which, apparently is an even bigger problem than the Tiffanys sprees and Greek cruises).