Somebody fetch the drapes! Nude sculptures like this Degas might offend. (Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas/Courtesy of The Phillips Collection)

According to our colleague Robert Barnes, a lawyer representing ABC noted that some people even complained to the FCC about an offensive statue shown in the Olympics opening ceremony. He said it was similar to statues that exist in the courtroom itself, ones with “bare breasts and buttocks.” Oh my.

He directed the justices’ gaze to the friezes decorating the room. “Right over here, Justice Scalia,” he said.

At least TV cameras are banned in the Supreme Court, lest America’s children be exposed to such filth!

Elsewhere, something happened last night in New Hampshire, but the action is now moving south, where at least there’s warmer weather for the hordes of political operatives and media tired of shivering in the New England climes.

And our colleague Melinda Henneberger unpacks the “spending more time with the family” trope so popular among politicians (spoiler: some of them actually do).