Meet the surrogates: Marco Rubio, Rahm Emanuel, Rob Portman, Martin O'Malley

Surrogates gone wild! — Our colleague Manuel Roig-Franzia on the small armies who yap on behalf of the presidential candidates, chronicling the species, including their hierarchy, the “organizational superstructures...built exclusively to recruit them, wrangle them, schedule them and prep them,” as well as a class of wanna-be “Surrogate Poseurs.”

Congress joins the fun — Now that Congress is back in session, lawmakers are joining the presidential campaign in a big way, taking swipes at colleague Rep. Paul Ryan. (Also, it’s easy to forget that the Wisconsin Republican is also running for his House seat.)

Dig this — Conspiracy theories still abound, but it seems that big White House construction project is finally finished. It was officially described as a utilities upgrade, but “deep underground, whatever has been built there remains shrouded in mystery.”

Splitsville, Tenn. — Former Senate majority leader Bill Frist and his wife, Karen, are divorcing, our colleagues at the Reliable Source are reporting. After months of showing up solo at public events, they’re citing “irreconcilable differences.”