Patricia Krentcil, the “tanning-bed” mom. (Julio Cortez/AP)

But one topic that’s been woefully neglected is that infamous tanning bed tax included in the massive health-care overhaul package. The IRS is proceeding apace with that part of the law, clarifying this week how the rules apply to tanning salons filing as “single member LLCs.” It’s hot stuff.

You might recall that to help pay for the health-care reforms, Congress tacked on a 10 percent tax on tanning-bed users. Jokes about the perennially bronzed House Majority Leader John Boehner abounded, of course. The provision was expected to pull in $2.7 billion over 10 years--nothing to sneeze at.

Will the tanning-tax survive? Well, Boehner proved himself to be a hero to indoor tanners everywhere when he vowed on Wednesday that “if the court does not strike down the entire law, the House will move to repeal what’s left of it.”

Victory for the bronzers!