Desperate for a gift for that special someone who has everything? Bet he or she doesn’t have the 2012 Counterterrorism Calendar.

The calendars, produced by the National Counterterrorism Center, are given out as a resource guide for law enforcement and intelligence officials and folks in the anti-terror biz, especially for those working in the field. That’s why there are tips on how to spot and deal with biological and chemical attacks, “suspicious financial activity indicators”or people using false passports.

There’s a downloadable, interactive version on the NCTC Web site, but you can’t buy the 5-by-9-inch spiral version anywhere. You’ve got to know someone. That’s what makes it special. In addition, to save costs NCTC printed 25 percent fewer calendars this year, so they’re even harder to get.

But don’t throw out the agency’s 2011 calendar. It’s the last one featuring the cool $25 million reward for Osama Bin Laden, who’s no longer on the wanted list. (No tipster was deemed worthy of the award.)

And it’s the only calendar ever to feature Anwar al-Awlaki, the U.S. citizen who allegedly orchestrated the failed Christmas 2009 underwear bombing of a Detroit-bound jet. That was his last appearance, since he was killed by a missile strike in Yemen in September.

Then there’s Atiyah Abd a-Rahman, right near the top of the most-wanted list last year, who was killed in an explosion in North Waziristan in August; Harun Fazul, wanted for the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, who was killed in Somalia in June; and Umar Patek, who was wanted for the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing that killed more than 200 and was extradited from Pakistan to Indonesia in August.