Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay at his 2010 trial. (Jack Plunkett/AP)

Former House majority leader Tom DeLay was seen lunching with disgraced super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff at Sushi Taro off Dupont Circle, a sharp-eyed source tells us. The confab sure looked like an effort to get the old band back together: The two men have a long and scandalous history together, including as travelling buddies on now-infamous trips to the Northern Marianas Islands and to Scotland.

Of course, since those golden days in the early 2000s, they’ve each been convicted of felonies — DeLay for laundering political contributions, Abramoff for fraud and corruption stemming in part from his lobbying of DeLay (Ambramoff served time in prison, and while DeLay was sentenced in 2011 to a three-year stint in the clink, he’s been out on bail while he appeals).

Abramoff has executed an impressive comeback (he’s got a book out, often pundit-izes on corruption, and even has a gig hosting a radio show), while DeLay has kept a lower profile, taking speaking engagements and devoting time to conservative causes.

We’ve confirmed that DeLay is in Washington on business, although neither DeLay nor Abramoff got back to us to tell us what they gabbed about. Perhaps they were reminiscing about the greens at St. Andrews? Or sharing legal strategies.