(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

He should be forgiven, we think, since it’s not a farm or a stately manse, just a measly condo (though it is assessed at the fairly memorable figure of $1.4 million). Mostly, his confusion could stem from the fact that during his tenure in Washington, the former Health and Human Services Secretary was something of a house flipper. Loop fans might recall that back in 2004, we brought you the story of how Thompson had bought and sold a series of condos — mostly two-bed/two-bath numbers in Alexandria’s Cameron Station area — and made a pretty neat profit at it.

You can hardly expect a guy who, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, wound up purchasing and selling nine homes in the Washington area, to keep track of the number of homes he owns at any given time.

For a guy like that, properties come, they go...