Oooh, a Huntsman-Trump spat?

Donald Trump is too busy to return Jon Huntsman’s calls. (Alberto Lowe / Reuters)

Seems Trump is just toooo busy doing mogul-y things.

In Trump’s new book, he writes that Huntsman called him “a number of times” but the real-estate mogul/kingmaker “was unbelievably busy doing a deal” and couldn’t get back to him.

Keep calling, Jon!

Elsewhere, Dafna Linzer dissects the etiquette of the pardon. And since the holidays are a time when we deal with our kookiest of relatives, here’s an interesting tidbit, courtesy of our colleagues Peter Wallsten and Anne Kornblut: According to an actual recent focus group, GOP voter said the kin that former House Speak Newt Gingrich most reminded them of was a “favorite uncle” or “grandfather.” Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, on the other hand was described as the “missing father” or “second cousin.”