Photo courtesy Diana Walker.

But for the social-media obsessed, here’s another: Clinton has amassed more than 44,000 Twitter followers to an account with the name @HRClinton. That’s a serious constituency. (Her spokesman says it’s not an official account, and Twitter tells us Clinton doesn’t have a “verified”account, but clearly, all the folks following @HRClinton are interested in what the Secretary of State has to say . . . er, tweet.)

And she’s racked up all those followers without tapping out a single tweet. Not one lousy 140-character missive.

So what is she waiting for?

Teddy Roosevelt finally winning the presidents’ race at Nats Park?

With that kind of readership, we can understand that there’s some pressure involved. And so we thought we’d enlist Loop fans to generate ideas for what Clinton should tweet about in her maiden voyage, should she ever take it. What 140 characters should mark her entry into the twitterverse? To put it another way, WSHT? (What Should Hillary Tweet?)

The ten best entries will win a coveted Loop T-shirt. Submit your suggestions to, and be sure to provide your name, profession, mailing address and what size T-shirt (adult M, L or XL) you’d like if you’re a winner (you can enter “on background” if you like.)

The contest will end Friday, Aug. 3, so get those entries in!