The Maliki government in Iraq is flexing a bit more.

You’ll need a visa even on Air Hillary if you’re going to Iraq. Clinton, above, met last month with Iraq’s foreign minister at the State Department. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

“With the termination of the security agreement between” the Iraqi government and the U.S. military, the department announced Monday, “passports and valid Iraqi visas are required for all government personnel and contractors,” including TCNs, or third-country nationals.

The TCNs include a security force of about 5,000 and thousands more workers who cook, clean and provide medical care and other support services to the Americans there.

Embassy Air-Iraq, the approximately 46-aircraft air service operated by the State Department, “will only board passengers with valid and current passports and visas on flights from Amman or Kuwait City en route to Baghdad,” the notice said.

“This requirement also applies to any passengers on (U.S.) military flights” to international airports in Baghdad, Basra or Erbil, the department advised. Also, the “DOD Common Access Card,” the Pentagon’s ID card, “is no longer valid for entry into or travel within Iraq.”

Ah, the thanks of a grateful nation.