Lon? Is that you? (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Sometimes people eschew fame. Take Lon Johnson, the new Michigan Democratic Party chairman, and spouse of Julianna Smoot, major Democratic fundraiser, former White House social secretary and Obama 2012 deputy campaign manager.

Johnson, who became chairman of the floundering state party in February, didn’t reply to several calls and messages on his cell phone — including one where he answered and said he’d call back.

The calls were to confirm and ask him about what we’d heard was a bravura turn as Mr. Bunny at the White House Easter Egg Roll, based on what we’d heard from a knowledgeable source.

(A great performance is one where you don’t hurt yourself — your vision through the bunny’s mouth is quite limited — and you don’t step on the little kids.)

The totally transparent Obama White House — in contrast to just about every prior administration including Richard M. Nixon’s — also has kept secret the names of those who have volunteered to don the hazardous and truly uncomfortable bunny costume.

Maybe there’s some sort of al-Qaeda connection?