Lon? Is that you? (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Johnson, who became chairman of the floundering state party in February, didn’t reply to several calls and messages on his cell phone — including one where he answered and said he’d call back.

The calls were to confirm and ask him about what we’d heard was a bravura turn as Mr. Bunny at the White House Easter Egg Roll, based on what we’d heard from a knowledgeable source.

(A great performance is one where you don’t hurt yourself — your vision through the bunny’s mouth is quite limited — and you don’t step on the little kids.)

The totally transparent Obama White House — in contrast to just about every prior administration including Richard M. Nixon’s — also has kept secret the names of those who have volunteered to don the hazardous and truly uncomfortable bunny costume.

Maybe there’s some sort of al-Qaeda connection?