The Taj Mahal at dawn. (Maryann Haggerty)

Some might criticize them for taking so much time off — considering how little they accomplished while they were here.

But let’s not forget that they were helping to preserve Washington’s hard-earned reputation as the No.1 vacationing city in the country, based on a survey released last week of vacation habits in 10 cities.

The survey by Harris Interactive for vacation club Inspirato found that Washington residents are the most likely to take a vacation, Chicagoans are the least likely.

The overall 10-city, five-year average percentage of residents who have taken a vacation showed that 73 percent of Washingtonians took yearly vacations, while only 55 percent of Chicagoans did so. The overall average was 64 percent. Here are the rankings:

1.Washington, D.C — 73 percent

2. San Francisco — 70 percent

3. Boston — 68 percent

4. Atlanta — 67 percent

5.Houston — 66 percent

6. New York/ Los Angeles — tied at 64 percent

8.Dallas-Forth Worth — 61 percent

9. Philadelphia — 57 percent

10. Chicago — 55 percent

All together now: We’re number one, we’re number one. . .