Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin at a news conference Tuesday. (John Minchillo/AP)

Embattled mayoral candidate Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner has so far resisted calls from his former New York congressional colleagues to drop out of the race and get some “serious” help for his sexting habits.

Polls had shown Weiner in the lead in the crowded field for the first-round vote on Sept. 10, but losing in the Oct. 1 run-off.

The late-night comics, led by Jay Leno, desperately pleaded for him to hang in there. “I’m pleading with the voters of New York,” Leno said, “please elect this man, please.”

(Probably not going to happen, but it would be nice if he hung in there until September, to help get us through traditionally slow August.)

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, a former Democratic House member-turned-mayor, San Diego’s Bob Filner, is also resisting calls for him to step down amid allegations he had sexually harassed several women.

Things got worse this week when his former communications director sued him for sexual harassment.

The city council president suggested that employees be given “alternative workspace”away from Filner’s office “to ensure a safe work environment and maintain productivity.”

Filner also apologized and promised to change his ways.

We had assumed Filner was surely a goner any day now. But then, just as a third woman came forward Wednesday with more allegations against him, we got a “You’re Invited! Save the Date” e-mail from him asking us to join him Sept. 28 at the “Grand Opening Ceremony” of the new San Diego Central Library.

We tentatively penciled in the event.