My column, In the Loop, has been afflicting official Washington since 1993 in the pages of The Washington Post. Today we launch the In the Loop blog to intensify the pain.

The blog, with new posts each day, will enable us to broaden the scope of the column and to get you the news more quickly.

Emily Heil, who wrote the Heard on the Hill column for Roll Call, has joined the Loop team to help expand our coverage. Other Washington Post colleagues will be contributing from time to time.

We hope the blog will keep you even more in the loop on who’s in, who’s out, who’s spending your money on “fact-finding” trips to Paris or Rome, and on the odd activities of government officials here in the nation’s capital.

We rely, as always, on tips from our astoundingly well-informed readers. So remember, if you see something, say something. Better yet, e-mail us at