(Eric Gay/AP)

Wendy Davis’s shoes, the “rouge red” Mizuno running shoes that the Texas state senator sported to support her during her 11-hour filibuster of an anti-abortion bill, have gotten national attention.

Now, the Amazon reviews for the pair she wore — a Mizuno model called “The Wave Runner” — are turning into a forum for sarcastic, sometimes-hilarious (and sometimes crude) political commentary.

The customer reviews section for the shoes has attracted witticisms from both sides of the issue, with commenters couching their opinions on the Davis saga as opinions on the athletic kicks.

A sample:

“Men, do not try these on!” reads a review that’s been labeled a customer favorite. “I tried on a pair at the local mall and suddenly Texas Republicans started telling me what to do with my genitals. They started explaining reproduction to me like I was a seventh-grader. Unfortunately, being male, I had no way to shut the whole thing down. I’m so confused ...”

“I only have one concern about these shoes,” another “customer” writes. “The soles are made of rubber and will undoubtedly melt in the fires of hell, which is where people who murder babies will go. Just sayin.”

Amazon customer reviews are often a forum for social commentary: In what might be the most famous example, Bic’s pastel-colored “Pens for Her” stirred all kinds of feminist outrage in the form of snarky reviews.

A Mizuno spokeswoman didn’t immediately return our calls.