(Charles Dharapak/AP)

It’s true that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton only showed up on visitor logs 33 times. But her spokesman, Philippe Reines, informed us that’s only a fraction of the 681 trips his boss has made to the storied structure.

The Post’s database of White House visitor logs doesn’t tell the whole story. The logs only reflect the information the White House chooses to record. It certainly doesn’t show what regular guests some Cabinet secretaries are at the campus centered around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.--which we explained by noting that “bigwigs...most often get waved in,” rather than having to get logged in like the rest of the commoners.

Cabinet secretaries sometimes get the formal log-in treatment at official events at the White House--often when they are accompanied by spouses or other family members to events like state dinners or barbeques.

So in case it wasn’t clear, Clinton, and other members of the Cabinet, are hardly strangers to the White House. Just, apparently, to the visitors’ logs.